Double Trouble for CODE in DPA Takecover

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General dentistry news DPA ex-Treasurer Neville Bainbridge has received more than twice the number of letters required to call a Special General Meeting to block the CODE takeover of the Dental Professionals Association.

"I am proposing a meeting in London at 2pm on Saturday 14th April. Efforts are now turning towards getting a high turnout to save the DPA as a mutual not-for-profit association", said life-long DPA member Neville. On 21st January and in the expectation that they would receive share options, the DPA Council voted to transfer the DPA assets to a subsidiary of the CODE group owned by Paul Mandlesohn. They also signed an agreement to keep this secret from DPA members.

Independent legal advice obtained on behalf of the members by DPA Chief Executive Derek Watson stated "The Council has acted beyond the powers granted to it under the Rules and/or has been in breach of the Rules both at the Meeting and by some of its subsequent actions". On 29th February Derek Watson was suspended from work and later dismissed without notice.

"The members will have the final say," says Neville Bainbridge "and they must be told what is going on. They only have to look at what has happened since day-to-day management of the Association was delegated to CODE. This has been an unmitigated disaster with bills going unpaid, staff unpaid, no income being collected, no Web site and no member services being provided. I fully expect them to call this meeting in the Outer Hebrides."

Rocking the boat--what the DPA is famous for--is bad for business. The Private Fees and Wages Guide, the Angry Tour, subsidised indemnity insurance, advice from a working dentist, the GDP magazine in its present format, free verifiable CPD, podcasts, representation in front of the Department of Health and the Dentists Pay Review Body are a few services that have already been cancelled or are unlikely to continue if the DPA becomes a CODE corporate brand.

"The future of the DPA as an independent, not-for-profit voice for general practice is at stake. Any benefits that CODE could offer would be better developed within a mutual framework where they can be provided with profits going to the members and without 20 per cent VAT." says Neville. "I urge every DPA member to move heaven and earth to attend this meeting when it is confirmed." 

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The DPA is a mutual not-for-profit association for professionals in primary dental care. It was established in 1954.
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