New Fitness and Exercise Book Reveals How Teeth, Jaws and Imagination Can Boost Health

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General dentistry news New fitness and exercise book reveals visualizations with physical exercises using your entire body including teeth, tongue, and jaws designed to boost your chakra energy centers and extend your lifespan.

Yin Ain't Yang, The Ancient Way To Better Health, by Lester Sawicki DDS, is designed to instruct readers in simple guided visualizations along with physical and mental exercises that use the entire body including teeth, gums and jaws to help boost overall health, fitness and longevity.

AUSTIN, Texas (MMD Newswire) February 29, 2012 -- Yin Ain't Yang, The Ancient Way To Better Health, by Lester Sawicki DDS, reveals how the teeth, tongue, and jaws are powerful tools that, combined with meditation and exercise, can unlock vital energy that may improve overall health, fitness and longevity.

According to Sawicki, modern science is beginning to understand the ancient wisdom about the link between healthy teeth, gums, and jaw function and boosting general fitness, health, and longevity. Scientists have discovered new compelling evidence proving that teeth are joined to vital organs by way of the energy channels (internal pathways of QI) and when the teeth, tongue, and jaws are included in a regular meditative exercise routine you can access and refine the body's chakras (life support energy centers) to promote a long, healthy, and strong existence.

Meditative exercise using your teeth, body, and mind in this new "evolutionary" way can relieve stress, improve cardiovascular function and flexibility, increase bone density, balance hormones, circulate lymph, detoxify organs, increase brain function, preserve sexual health, and induce overall happiness.

Yin Ain't Yang, The Ancient Way To Better Health is intended for meditation students, yoga and tai chi practitioners, martial artists, as well as the general public interested in physical fitness for health and longevity. Sawicki offers a series of energy-building visualizations and physical exercises aimed at strengthening and aligning the chi center of the oral cavity with the power centers of the body. "Practicing these exercises can lead to a deeper understanding of man's place in the cosmos and boost one's overall health and fitness," says Sawicki. "I want my readers to increase their fitness, health and longevity by returning to the original energetic purpose of their teeth and jaws."

Yin Ain't Yang, The Ancient Way To Better Health is the third in a series of fitness and meditation books after Teeth In Mortal Combat and The Tao Of Tooth. It is available online at and other channels.

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Dr. Lester Sawicki has been a practicing dentist for over 36 years. Since 2004, he has been devoted to intensive research into the relationship between whole body detoxification, fitness, and longevity. Sawicki is an author of self help, fitness and meditation books, practices martial arts and has been a student of tai chi and qi gong for over 25 years. He lives in

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