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CBCT 3D Based Imaging and Prevention of Failures in Oral Implantology: 1 CE / $99course

Dr. Dov AlmogBy: Almog, Dov M. DMD
Narrow ridge. Avoid the nerve. Flapless? What size implant? So many judgments for implant placement. This course presents an overview of the role CBCT-3D imaging plays in surgical guidance and how it is clinically relevant to oral implantology. Many useful clinical examples will be presented that demonstrate the linkage between pre-op CT imaging and how 3D images benefit treatment outcomes for dental implants while reducing risk. In addition, cases will be presented with adverse outcomes that might have been altered had pre-op CT scans been utilized.
Course Objectives
Learners taking these courses will:
  • Have a clearer understanding of the limits of 2D dental X-rays
  • Have a better understanding of 3D imaging
  • Become familiar how to interpret cross-sectional views to improve decision making and improve treatment outcomes
  • Become familiar with legal issues pertaining to 3D imaging  

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Management of the Extraction Site: 1 CE / $99course

dr.ficklBy: Fickl, Stefan DMD, PD, Dr Med Dent
True or false: It is best to minimize bone loss by immediately inserting an implant into an extraction socket? Or, is it better to graft and wait three months? Dr. Stefan Fickl provides an illuminating lecture that explores the major alterations to hard and soft tissues following tooth removal and how best to treat these everyday occurrences.

Dr. Fickl is an international scholar and educator. He reviews and analyses current treatment approaches meant to limit dimensional post-extraction changes in bone, while there are obvious advantages to immediate implant placement following tooth removal, we learn that inserting an implant into an extraction socket does not seem to change biological behaviour that leads to postoperative recession of the mid-facial gingiva. This is especially true in high-risk patients.

So what to do? Graft or insert an implant? If grafting, which materials yield the best results? Are the results anecdotal or evidence-based? Dr. Fickl shares his experiences with the various techniques and materials that are presently used in socket preservation, helping us understand their advantages / disadvantages and how they affect patient outcome.
Course Objectives
Learners taking these courses will:
  • Better understand the wound healing of extraction sites
  • Better understand current concepts using graft materials in extraction sockets
  • Learn how recent scientific evidence can affect clinical outcomes and improve implant results.

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Options for the Endodontically Compromised Tooth: 1.5 CE / $129course

dr.lynnBy: Lynn, Evan DDS
Controversy abounds. There is a camp of dental professionals that would rather remove a tooth and insert an implant than perform endodontics to save it. There are those who support endodontic treatment only once, and if retreatment becomes necessary, opt to remove the tooth and insert an implant. There is the camp that elects to exhaust all options for retreatment of failing root canals and apicoectomies before ever considering an implant as a reasonable solution. Is there a right or wrong? A sensible approach?

Dr. Evan Lynn creates a decision tree for us as to when it may be in the patient's best interest to have a tooth removed rather than be treated with endodontic therapy and conversely, when to retain a tooth that most of us would remove but he doesn't stop there, he asks pointed questions: Which implant? Which graft material? Do you need a membrane?

Evan is one of the few dual-trained endodontists also trained in periodontics and implantology. He offers his unique insights into the whys and wherefores of treating compromised teeth that are supported by compelling research and recent literature, taking into consideration predictability, cost, outcome, and risks for both modalities.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, Learners will:
  • Have a better understanding on how to predictably treat both modalities: endodontics versus implant placement
  • Have realistic expectations for endodontic therapy, outcomes for post and cores, and the benefits of crown-lengthening and when to recommend a crown as the final restoration
  • Have a better understanding of the clinical procedures necessary for successful implant placement including bone grafting and use of membranes

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3D Imaging: The New Standard of Care: 2 CE / $179course

Dr. Alan A. WinterBy: Winter, Alan A. DDS
Remember when CT films were large and bulky? Remember when implant companies gave us plastic overlays with implant icons scaled to 125% to account for distortion? Remember when CT scans were more oddity than commonplace? That was then, dental cone beam scans are now.

In this lecture, Dr. Alan Winter challenges that cone-beam volumetric tomography (CBCT) is rapidly becoming the standard of care for three-dimensional diagnoses of both simple and complex dental treatments. One of the first surgeons to own and operate a dental CT scanner, this comprehensive lecture discusses how this technology has become an integral part of everyday treatment planning not only in surgery but also in all facets of dentistry including restorative, endodontic and orthodontic practices.

Dr. Winter presents clear and concise information on the benefits of dental cone beam scanners and the drawbacks of medical CT machines and what the dentist's responsibility is to interpret CT studies.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, Learners will:
  • Learn the differences between 2D and 3D images
  • Become familiar with the benefits of 3D imaging
  • Become familiar with the use of surgical templates
  • Become familiar with the relative amounts of radiation from cone beam scanners
  • Appreciate how utilizing 3D imaging improves outcomes, reduces risk, and lessens stress
  • Have a clearer understanding of the ramifications of not referring patients for 3D imaging.

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  • 3D imaging: Preventing Failures, Fostering Success: 3 CE, $254course

    By: Almog, Dov, Dr. & Winter, Alan A. Dr.

    Discount Code : DHT8

  • Options for the Endodontically Compromised Tooth and How Best to Manage an Extraction Site : 2.5 CE , $214course

    By: Fickl, Stephan, DMD, PD, Dr. MED. Dent and Lynn, Evan, DDS.

    Discount Code : DH3N