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Dental Sleep Medicine: What You Need to Know about Billing Medicare: 1.5 CE / $59course

Mary Beth RogersBy: Rogers, Mary Beth
When it comes to reimbursement for sleep apnea appliances and working your way through the bureaucratic maze of Medicare, Mary Beth Rogers comes to the rescue! If you treat sleep apnea patients or are thinking of expanding patients services to include this vitally important (life-saving) therapy, then this course is a must.

Mary Beth will guide learners to understand Medicare policy and billing guidelines for oral appliance therapy, teaching you what you need to know and what traps to avoid. She will explain, in clear and precise terms, the acronyms you need to know - ABN, DMEPOS, PECOS (to name a few) – and what to do about them.
Course Objectives
Learners taking these courses will:

  • Be able to identify coverage criteria for Medicare code E0486 – Custom Oral Appliances
  • Understand coding guidelines for oral appliances
  • Understand how to identify and collect medically necessary documentation prior to treatment
  • Have a working knowledge of basic claims submission and use of correct modifiers on the CMS 1500 Claim Form
  • Understand options in providing treatment for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Know how to apply to Medicare to become a DME supplier for oral appliances

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Jurisprudence: How to Avoid Legal Entanglement: 1 CE / $29course

Dr. Robert RogersBy: Rogers, Robert, DMD
Risk management knows no shortcuts. There is a right and wrong way to keep records, approach a problem and care for patients. Whether you treat patients suffering from sleep apnea or not, Dr. Rob Rogers presents a no-holds-barred approach to how to avoid legal entanglements from treating patients. While all dentists should take this course as an excellent review of risk management, dentists treating patients with obstructive sleep disorders should pay close attention. Who makes the diagnosis of OSA? A physician or a dentist? Who can treat OSA? A physician or a dentist?

Dr. Rogers answers these and so many salient issues that this course is imperative for those treating OSA so that you can maximize patient care and minimize legal exposure.
Course Objectives
Learners taking these courses will:

  • Become familiar with the risk associated with the practice of dental sleep medicine and explore truthful advertising, proper clinical protocol, effective communication and necessary ongoing education
  • Understand Scope of Practice and Standard of Care as it relates to the dental sleep medicine
  • Be familiar with dental sleep medicine recordkeeping
  • Review an array of topics also related to the prudent practice of dental sleep medicine