Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery 101: 2 CE / $319course

Dr. Jay B. ReznickBy: Reznick, Jay B. D.M.D., M.D.
How many times have clinicians started an oral surgery procedure or faced a medical challenge only to reach the limit of their expertise and comfort level? How many times have clinicians started surgical procedures and need to call an oral surgeon for help? Sound familiar?

While dental schools expose students to surgery, their goal is not to make them oral surgeons. Our surgical experiences are limited in school. Some are fortunate to continue their education in a GPR, the Armed Forces, or in a specialty residency. Others learn by trial and other, yet there is always more surgery we need to learn and appreciate.

xpAPce is proud to present a comprehensive 3- part series on oral surgery that is magnificently explained by Dr. Jay Reznick, Jay is both a dentist and physician. Each module is 3 hours long. The program runs the gamut of surgical teaching, such as hot to handle emergencies, new instrumentation that make procedures easier to medical complications, bisphosphonates, flap and suture design, removing 3rd molars and so much more. Every practicing dentist will benefit from these modules. Here is the first one!
Course Objectives
Learners taking these courses will:

  • Have a greater understanding of how to "think like a surgeon."
  • Know the basic instruments necessary to successfully perform office based oral surgical procedures.
  • Be more comfortable recognizing and managing the most common medical emergencies that occur in the dental office.
  • Understand the principles of surgical management of impacted third molar teeth.
  • Be able to obtain an Informed Consent for surgery after discussion of the risks, benefits, and alternatives of treatment.
  • Know how to approach removal of teeth using atraumatic surgical techniques.

Discount Code : DH1F


  • Oral Surgery 101course: 2 CE  $319

    By: Jay B. Reznick, D.M.D., M.D.

Discount Code : DH1F