Pain Control/TMD

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TMD / Orofacial Pain: Considerations for the General Practitioner: 2 CE / $39course

Dr.Rozenberg-BarryBy: Rozenberg, Barry, DDS
Dr. Barry Rozenberg demystifies the often challenging diagnosis of what is causing a patient’s facial pain. Clinicians may inwardly sigh when the culprit is obvious: caries under a restoration, a pericoronitis, or a throbbing pulpitis. But what if we can’t correlate our clinical findings to the pain experienced by the patient? What if there is no quick “fix?”

Step-by-step, in a masterful lecture, Dr. Barry Rozenberg helps us differentiate symptoms, how to take a proper history, and teaches us how to perform a clinical exam of the muscles of the head and neck. Even an experienced clinician will benefit from this review that is punctuated with crisp movie clips. Barry presents an overview of therapies that includes medications and appliances to help relieve TMD pain.
Course Objectives
Learners taking these courses will:

  • Learn how to take a thorough history from patients suffering from TMD
  • Learn which X-rays are helpful in patients suffering from TMD
  • Learn how to examine and palpate the muscles of mastication and the TMJ
  • Become familiar with appliances used to treat orofacial pain
  • Become familiar with the medications used to treat orofacial pain

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