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Emergence Profiles in Natural Tooth Contour: 1 CE / $99course

Dr. Burney CrollBy: Croll, Burney M. DDS
The margins are perfect, the shade is great, yet the gums still bleed. Everything was done to perfection….or was it? Dr. Burney Croll opens our eyes and challenges prevailing notions about tooth form and how best to work with lab technicians, to fabricate crowns as they should be shaped.

Learn why Dr. Croll explains that the emergence profile is the key to making better crowns and achieving good gingival health. Burney uses anatomic models to demonstrate these essential concepts on how to reliably replace missing tooth structure. The clinical relevance for this is apparent: a straight emergence in artificial crowns improves the effectiveness of oral hygiene measures near the gingival sulcus. The axial profile of teeth can be viewed as a series of straight lines with curved transitions and also, the reproduction of these geometric patterns facilitates the fabrication of restorations that appear natural and help create a healthy gingival interface.
Course Objectives
After completing this course, the Learner will:

  • Understand the Emergence Profile Concept
  • Make objective observations regarding natural tooth contours
  • Prepare teeth for fixed restorations that can restore naturally occurring tooth contours
  • Describe the conveniently hygienic tooth contour design to the dental laboratory technician.

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Crown Lengthening: A Powerful Tool for Healthier Gums and Better Crowns: 2 CE / $59course

Dr. Burney CrollBy: Fine, Jim DDS
50 million dental crowns are made in the US each year. Success is based on tooth preparation, the amount of clinical crown available, and if the biologic width is invaded. Naturally, more goes into fabricating a successful crown, but there are times when outcomes could be improved with judicious crown-lengthening.

Dr. James Fine to the rescue! Whether you just starting to perform crown-lengthening procedures or want to learn more about this important, vital step that affects crown outcomes, this course spells it out. Jim explains the why's and wherefores, and then how to do it. As critical as crown-lengthening is to the success of restorations, it is under-utilized. This course helps the dental professional learn why crown-lengthening protects the gingival health, reduces recession and can potentially extend the life of all restorations.
Course Objectives
Learners taking these courses will:

  • Be able to evaluate proper tooth preparation
  • Understand the importance of biologic width as it relates to margin stability
  • Evaluate the biotypes of gingival tissue and how it relates to long-term outcomes of the prosthesis
  • Uunderstand the wound healing process after surgery
  • Eevaluate tooth size and shape
  • Identify biologic role of quality temporaries  

Achieving Aesthetic Laminate Veneers: 1.5 CE / $49course

Dr.Graziano.GiglioBy: Giglio, Graziano, D.D.S., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.D
Laminate veneers are so commonplace that they are part of our lexicon. They are wonderful restorations that can change a person's appearance, enhance their beauty and improve their self-image. For these and more reasons, we should maximize every step along the way to get the best possible results. And Dr. Graziano Giglio teaches us how to accomplish this.

Beginning with the initial diagnosis, Dr. Graziano gives a step-by-step presenation that discusses which burs to use, which ceramics are best for anterior laminates and which cements to use. Then in a detailed video, he demonstrates how to prepare and insert laminates and reviews the orders in which multiple laminates should be cemented. No matter how experienced and capable the clinican, every dentist will benefit from experiencing this masterful presentation.
Course Objectives
Learners taking these courses will:

  • Be able to evaluate and apply the criteria needed to provide laminate veneers
  • Be able to recommend the appropriate treatment plan to improve the patient's appearance
  • Become familiar with picking shades, which ceramics and cements to use, and how best to exchange information with the laboratory technician to enhance results
  • Be able to perform the necessary steps to provide predictable, esthetic laminate veneers

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A Review of Smile Design Parameters: 1.5 CE / $129course

Dr.Graziano.GiglioBy: Giglio, Graziano D. D.D.S., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.D
All restorative dentists share the same goal: deliver restorations in the aesthetic zone that replicate natural teeth. If only it were a simple task! Dr. Graziano Giglio, the newly installed president of the Greater NY Aacademy of Prosthodontics, presents a scintillating course that can improve every kind of restoration. From the simple to the complex, Dr. Giglio offers a systemic approach to aesthetics than leads to predictable results.

Dr. Giglio presentation reviews smile design parameters on how best to restore or replace teeth in the aesthtetic zone. Whether fabricating laminate veneers, crowns, tooth-colored partial coverage restorations, or implant supported prostheses, Dr. Giglio demonstrates the steps and guidelines that improve the cosmetic outcomes that will truly make your patients smile.
Course Objectives
Learners taking these courses will:

  • Be able to perform an aesthetic evaluatuion on patients
  • Be able to recognize the patient's esthetic needs
  • Be comfortable making the necessary recommendations to improve patient's smiles
  • Understand parameters and steps necessary to deliver predictable, esthetic outcomes

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Complex Prosthetics in General Practice: 5 CE / $384course

Dr. Ron MargoliesBy: Margolies, Ron
Complex! Disruptive! High expectations! Esthetic cases are all that and more, especially without a blueprint for repeatable success, and that's where Dr. Ron Margolies comes to the rescue. Ron leads us through the maze of recent technologies including CADCAM production, pressed ceramics, advances in adhesion and implant dentistry, using exquisitely restored cases to teach us to:

• Eliminate patient disappointment with final restorations
• Create restorations that will stand the test of time
• Minimize restorative material fractures
• Distinguish you and your practice
• Reduce stress
Course Objectives
At the completion of this 3-part program, Learners will:

  • Revisit fundamentals of restorative dentistry as they apply to new materials, new technologies, and predictable result
  • Be able to dissect doctor/laboratory communications and how best to coordinate complex esthetic cases
  • Understand the needs, requirements and differences in case sequencing for implants, crowns or veneer cases to improve outcomes, please patients, be more profitable and reduce your stresses

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Periodontal and Prosthetic Management of Furcated Teeth: Parts I, II, III: 2CE / $179course

Dr. Dennis TarnowBy: Tarnow, Dennis, DDS
Is every furcated molar doomed? Are root amputations a historical footnote in dental therapy? Perhaps not! While the trend is certainly to insert more implants, clinicians should be familiar with treatment alternatives and their pros and cons.

In this 3-part definitive series on management of furcated teeth, Dr. Dennis Tarnow describes the modalities necessary to diagnose furcation problems in multi-rooted teeth. Step-by-step, Dennis walks us through every aspect of dental anatomy and furcation management that we need to know for successful treatment planning and fabrication of the final prostheses.

No detail is too trivial as we learn about the extent of furcation involvement in both the horizontal and vertical component, root morphology, root resection versus maintaining a furcated tooth, flap management, osseous reshaping, the mesial-buccal root dilemma, vital root amputations, oral hygiene measures, how to sequence complex cases and so much more. This is a master class by one of the great teachers in dentistry!
Course Objectives
Learners taking this module will become familiar with:

  • How to classify furcations
  • Which clinical parameters affect the decision to resect a root or maintain a tooth
  • Flap adaptation to treat furcation defects
  • Considerations for prepping teeth with furcation issues
  • The role of the interdental papilla
  • Splinting resected teeth
  • Adaptive vs progressive mobility
  • Post design
  • How to manage complex perio-prosthetic cases that involved teeth with furcation problems.

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Computerized Dentistry for Private Practice: Abutments, Ceramics &Occlusion: 1 CE / $99course

dr.vafiadisBy: Vafiadis, Dean
Dr. Dean Vafiadis received his dental degree and prosthodontic specialty training at New York University College of Dentistry. He is an Associate Professor of Prosthodontics and the Director of the Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Continuing Education course at NYU College of Dentistry. Dean is also a lecturer and clinical instructor at the Aesthetic Advantage Course in the Rosenthal Institute of Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry at NYU. He has lectures nationally and abroad for the NYU Continuing Education department. He has instructed over 8000 dentists with over 500 programs in the past 18 years.

Dean is the founder of the New York Smile Institute in NYC, which is an educational center, full service laboratory and learning facility as well as a private practice location for a multi-specialty practice for Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry. He has published numerous articles and lectures on various topics, such as Aesthetics, Implants, CAD/CAM dentistry, ceramic materials and Occlusion. He is also on the advisory board of World Journal of Dentistry, Journal of Implant Advanced Clinical Dentistry, Dental XP and Dean is also the Radio Show host of Talk'N Teeth, on local COSMOS 91.5 FM radio. Dr. Vafiadis is a member of many professional organizations.
Course Objectives
Learners who take this course will:

  • Become familiar with Cad/Cam technologies for in-office milling
  • Learn the difference between many Cad/Cam systems
  • Gain insight into case presentations for complex cases in the aesthetic zone
  • Learn about each step necessary for successful in-office milling
  • Understand the limitations of Cad/Cam dentistry
  • Become familiar with treatment planning software for implants.
  • Better understand patient concerns regarding anterior aesthetics

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  • Emergence Profile and the Perio/Pros Management of the Furcated Tooth: 3 CE / $254 course

    By: Croll, Burney, DDS & Tarnow, Dennis. DDS.

    Discount Code : DHC4

  • Understanding Current all Ceramic Systems: 1 CE / $39 course

    By: Dr. Mariano Polack

    Discount Code : DH4U

  • Contemporary Complete Dentures: 2 CE / $59 course

    By: Dr. .Bruce Valauri

    Discount Code : DH8L