Health Imaging Hub specializes itself in regional news and updates. Currently we serve different newsletters in one of your specializations as a "portal" or based on the region of your interest.
As you can see from our "Regional News" page, the news has been divided based on geographical distribution. You can choose the region of your interest or the portal of your interest to receive weekly newsletter right into your inbox. All these newsletters will be available once the hub goes live, we are still testing the Hub to make sure, once you are logged on with us, you experience a unique internet surfing experience in radiology community and enjoy our user friendly navigation system without any technological issues, for whatsoever, computer is still one of the most no trusted friend of a man...
You can also subscribe to our RSS which is again divided based on regions and portal to receive regular updates right into your RSS reader or email. OR you can simply use our iGoogle gadget to make it one of your home page favorites to get updates automatically.

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