You are in In My Opinion Practically Green Initiative Encourages Dental Patients to be Eco-friendly

Practically Green Initiative Encourages Dental Patients to be Eco-friendly

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General dentistry newsThe Eco-Dentistry Association is now offering dental patients in the United States a rewarding program for those who use eco-friendly dental care solutions. The program is called Eco-Dentistry Badge, and is carried out in cooperation with Practically Green® which is an organization that uses social media to encourage the public to use eco-friendly solutions.

The Eco-Dentistry Badge suggests patients to review their eco-friendly oral health behavior. Patients are given points for each initiative they follow. Here are some examples:

  • Using toothbrushes created from recycled or renewable substances, in addition to correct recycling after these brushes are replaced
  • Closing water taps while brushing teeth
  • Using oral care products designed without chemicals, alcohol, or toxins
  • Following up with eco-friendly dentists
  • joining the EDA's 'Green My Dentist' initiative by sending messages to their dentists encouraging them to be eco-friendly

These steps give patients a chance to gain up to 65 points in the 'Health' category within the Practically Green's badges. "We want to empower individuals to make sustainable choices about their oral care and to remind them that simple steps can have a huge impact." said EDA co-founder, Ina Pockrass.

Mr. Pockrass continued "Visiting a dental professional who shares an individual's commitment to the environment forges a special bond of loyalty between patient and practitioner. Earning the Eco-Dentistry badge is a fun and easy way to remember that every action makes a difference and it will help stimulate the transformation of the dental industry."